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Interdisciplinarity is our strength


Device independent
software applications
for B2B2C

Business process

Delivering immediate benefits to organization with software & hardware solutions

Customer Analytics &
Data Science

Opening up an entirely new host of analytics opportunities based on psychological & social insights


Linking together different computing systems and software applications physically & functionally

Loyalty & engagement

Long live customer loyalty and engagement with beneficial relationships

Data-driven marketing

Collect, integrate, and analyze data from external and internal sources in real time

Mobile services & products

Ready-to-deploy mobile solutions with outstanding User Experience

Creative services

Design thinking
for truly personal use

Latest products & projects

Different context / different needs


Smart Cities

Smart growth for Smart people

Intelligent city is the answer to many social problems, faced by both small and large metropolises. These include the issues related to transportation, maintenance and optimization of infrastructure, air quality and the comfort and safety of residents.

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Museum Beacon App

MOCAK Kraków

An interactive map can be used to facilitate moving around the Museum. One can navigate the application by using QR codes and innovative Synerise Beacon devices which notify the user as he or she is approaching a particular work of additional information on it. The application also provides information on new exhibitions and events, and allows the user to check ticket prices and opening hours.

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Your safe driving navigator

The app promotes safe driving with its gamification. ForDrivers gives you up-to-date information about traffic, the weather, roadwork, convenient rest stops and reminds you of important settings before you begin your journey. The app will let you know if you go over the speed limit and will actually remind you to slow down if you do so repeatedly. You’ll get info about weather conditions and a reminder after driving for over two hours straight that it’s time to rest.

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The mobile platform designed for Modern Women.

Enjoy the limited offers and opportunities based on geolocation and microlocation (BLE). Download codes and discount vouchers prepared especially for you. WenusApp is an initiative targeted at active, business women, who still want to grow.

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Synerise TM

The most comprehensive omnichannel platform that has ever been invented

Synerise Retail Beacon/WiFi Platform

The intelligent digital shopping solution

Enterprise-Class Platform for automated marketing campaigns using the iBeacon/Beacon technology associated with Synerise Customer Loyalty Engagement System. Compatible with all of the most popular beacon manufacturers supported by Omnichannel Mobile SDK & API

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Synerise Customer Loyalty Engagement System

Bringing online & offline together

Synerise platform simplifies the management of loyalty programs, improve communication with customers, and quickly realize transactions in brand stores. It allows to manage complaints, distribute knowledge about existing products and discounts, obtain information about product availability in stores without the need for contacting the store itself along with other perks. The platform is a Revenue Performance Management class system enabling its users to achieve high sales conversions both online and offline.

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Synerise mPOS

More than mobile POS

Mobile Payments is about User Experience. We improve interaction between brand and customers using our extremely usefull hardware devices (based on Paymax micropayments) & software apps. Thanks to Synerise mPOS you can control and manage customer relationships offline & online.

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Beacons and Big Data? Powerful system for Retail